Lovemore Daka 18,
Choolwe Mumba 17 and
John Lungu Jr. 19
Young Winners Club members
People confuse studying and reading. These two activities are totally different from each other. Allow me to help my fellow pupils on how to be an efficient reader. Many people say studying is very difficult; they find it to be perilous and would rather read than study. For the mind to grasp what you are reading, it involves concentration and focus. Before studying you should involve a mental warm-up; scribble anything you know about the topic you are about to study. This will help you to have concentration and an easy catch up of what you are studying; it will make your mind active thereby information flowing freely, smoothly without any barriers. Be time conscious and avoid wasting time when studying.

Many people have a tendency of saying "I will study the whole day." Really? It's not possible! Your mind needs to rest. Divide your study time into segments, approximately two hours and have time for refreshment. Remember to take breaks. You should be focused on what you are studying. It's not possible to study when you engage yourself into other thoughts; your mind needs to concentrate on one thing at a time. This will ease the work, thereby creating room for what you're studying. Do not be frightened by people who carry six subjects to study in a space of two hours , they have got their own formula of studying , mind you maybe it's just to show off!!! Have foresight! Imagine yourself attaining the goals you have set for yourself. This will help you study hard and concentrate on your work. Remember that success isn't by luck, it has its own obstacles to overcome, and hard work has to apply.

You have yourself to blame!

By Makungo Mwape
Zimba High School
16, Grade 11
To make it in life, you do not need someone to push you around, reminding you of what you are supposed to do or what you can be. Of course, you may need inspirations and encouragement from people, but it takes only you to make it in life. Most of us have a tendency of blaming other people, especially teachers for our failure. Well, teachers may have a role to play in making us succeed, but it is very important for us not to entirely rely on them. We have to do our homework as well.

They may teach but if you do not make an effort yourself to grasp and go through what they have taught you, you end up failing. There are people who have passed exams not because they were learning in a classroom and being taught by teachers, but because they were researching and putting much effort in finding out what others are learning, and working extra hard. It is true that 'the sky is no longer the limit' but it is all up to us to determine how far we can go beyond the sky. Surprisingly enough, most of us waste time engaging ourselves in activities that lead nowhere. It is high time we realise that we reap what we sow, and even though there are other people who help in the growing of the crop, the farmer definitely determines what is to be grown and what he decides to grow is what he reaps. Therefore, let us bear in mind the consequences of our actions because in the end, we have ourselves to blame and regrets never change what you have reaped.

Cooperation between teachers and pupils

By Martha Sakala
15, Grade 11
St. Theresa Girls Secondary School
As the proverb goes 'one finger cannot crush a louse' it has been long since we lost cooperation between teachers and school pupils because of indifference or 'I do not care' altitude towards one another. Many teachers nowadays do not care for school pupils because they know that even if they do not teach, they are going to be paid at the end of the month for they are not the ones writing the exams at the end of the year. However, sometimes the problem is with us pupils. We intend to hate a teacher and stop participating in class as a result the lessons become boring and the teacher loses interest in going to class to teach and in the end pupils are the ones to suffer the consequences. I would like to urge my fellow pupils to develop good relationships with their teachers. As the saying goes; 'where there is cooperation, there is a double wisdom.'

Stop corruption

By Shanice Nyambe
13, Grade 9
Lwitikila Girls High School
It is flabbergasting to hear people say it is impossible for corruption to be eradicated in Zambia. Why is it that we are so negative? Be assured, with negativity, we are heading for a failure in fighting this pathogen that is leading to the economic disease in Zambia. The Collins New School Dictionary defines corruption as the act of being dishonest by people especially in higher positions in order to gain a favour.

Corruption involves bribery, nepotism, fraud and embezzlement, among others. Nepotism is the act favouring a relative or close friend. Fraud is deceiving someone to make money illegally. Bribery is giving money or something to someone so as to gain a favour. Meanwhile, embezzlement is the stealing of money or other government property placed in one's care so as to benefit oneself. There is need for everyone regardless of position to take part in the fight against corruption because corruption brings no good but harm. Here are some of the evils of corruption.

First, we young people need people to inspire us but looking at the present day, where everyone is so corrupt, we lack role models and as a result, our future seems so bleak. Second, it leads to the downfall of the economy in the sense that people who get employed through corruption may not have equality in particular skills, which leads to the decline in that sector. Third, it leads to death. This is in connection to traffic documents such as driving licences and the like. Due to corruption, people move with illegal documents, which leads to the rise in the number of accidents. Fourth, people who are poor but with quality skills, remain unemployed which leads to suffering of individuals. Lastly, corruption leads us young people to be lazy, especially those coming from rich families as they tend to take advantage of bribery. It is everyone's duty to fight this. And this begins with individuals' maintenance for integrity. Integrity is doing right always even when you are alone. ABASH CORRUPTION!!! ABASH CORRUPTION!!!

I'm worried!

By Martin Hamwebe
Serenje Technical High School
18, Grade 12
It brings a lot of concern not only to me as an individual but to the nation as a whole on the kind and quality of leaders we are expecting to have in the near future with the kind of behaviour being portrayed by youths today. 'Charity begins at home', they say, meaning that what one tends to do at present is what they are likely to do in the years to come. Today, youths who are said to be the future leaders are showing negative attitudes in whatever they do. If we are to make a comparison between the percentage of young people and adults dying, we find that the percentage and death rate of youths is higher. This is really a sad development that needs urgent attention.

It's my concern that nowadays, youths seem not to take care about the advice given to them by elders which is very sad and brings misery to the nation. It is quiet disheartening to see that most youths are merely engaging themselves in beer drinking, drug abuse etc. Where are heading to as young people? I am pretty sure that if our forefathers were as notorious as the youths of today, Zambia would have been history. Remember, we are the leaders of tomorrow and there is need for us to change our behaviour and learn to stand firm against any form of immorality as we prepare for a better tomorrow.

Youth behaviour

By Christopher Phiri
When YOU look at the behaviour of today's youths, I am sure you can agree with me that there is much to be desired. Most youth are affected by peer pressure or mob psychology. Youths indulge in so many bad activities. Some youths fear to be laughed at, looked down upon or to be treated like outcasts by friends for not doing what the friends want them to do. Youths can be influenced into so doing many bad activities such as beer drinking, smoking, having sex, stealing and so and so forth.

Beer drinking among the youths is rising at an alarming rate. Youth drink in schools, which is not supposed to be the case, because school is strictly for learning. To make matters worse, alcohol can be accessed easily even by under aged youths. Nowadays, as you move around the streets of Lusaka, you will notice alcohol being sold even in road sides. The most common alcoholic beverages on the street are the so-called 'tujilijili' which are very cheap. Tujilijili are sold even just across schools. Some bar owners are also to blame because they do not follow the policy of no underaged people into bars. They let in people that are below 18 years. To tackle this problem, I recommend that the government set up strict measures and shut down bars that allow under-age children to access alcohol. The government should also arrest the people that sell 'tujilijili' in road sides and places where they are easily accessible.

The way the youths dress leaves much to be desired, especially the female. You will see them half naked as you walk or move in the streets of Lusaka. The way these youths dress attracts things such as rapistists and defile.

Another thing that is becoming common is irresponsible driving. Driving is not a bad thing, but some youths do it irresponsibly. Some youths drive even without licences or even when they are drunk thereby contributing to the rising number of accidents. Overspeeding is the talk of the day among youths. When youths driving, they also like to play very loud music thereby disturbing the peace of the people around. I recommend that very strict measures be set up to prevent such kinds of youths from driving in the streets.

They say we are living in the computer age. Technology brings with it good and bad things. Cellphones, for example, are good, but can be bad if abused. Some pupils nowadays take phones to school which is not right because it is strictly for learning. Some youths opt to go on the internet and access pornographic materials which is eating away their minds.

Music plays a major role in the behaviour of a child. The kind of music that many youths listen to leaves much to be desired. Youths listen to music that talks about sex, drugs, insults and other vices. I recommend that parents should monitor what kind of music their children listen to.

The needs of others

By Kelvin Mwanza
18, Grade 12
Naboye High School, Kafue
In life, God expects us to learn how to look away from ourselves and become concerned about others. When you get concerned about others, God will take care of your desires. There are many folks whose healing will be perfected and their needs not, if only they will for a moment look away, from their own pain and needs and pray for others. Become sensitive to the needs of those around you. Maybe you have been praying and asking God for a new job for a while now, why don't you pray for others who are out of jobs? Have you have been praying and stressing over your family? Begin to pray for other families around you. When you live with this consciousness, you will experience the hand of God upon your life like you never thought possible. Miracles will happen in your life without you having to ask for help from your heavenly father.