THE Zambia One Comedy outfit tour which begins tonight at Kitwe Little Theatre will soon hit the local privately-owned Muvi TV screens in an effort to promote comedy and local productions in Zambia.

Confirming on the development to Weekend Post on Tuesday, Zambia One director of productions, Derrick Chalo Khondowe aka Dangerous Joburg said the partnership with Muvi TV will accord a chance to people who will not be able to watch the team during their national tour.

"It is a good development for us as a team because we are sure this will make our productions reach as many people as possible especially those in far places where we would not manage to reach since Muvi TV is now being viewed nationwide via satellite" he said, He added that the move will also help promote comedy and motivate the artistes.

"We just signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kitwe Little Theatre as well in which we are expected to hold shows there on a monthly basis. This is all in an effort to promote comedy which has been struggling for a long time. So the coming on board of Muvi TV is definitely a way forward," said Khondowe, emphasing that a competition for viewers to win tickets has also been running and closes today at 14 hours.

"Just to encourage people appreciate comedy, we were also given an sms line 4488 where people are sending their names to win a ticket. We hope all this will place comedy where it belongs."

And Muvi TV marketing manger Hellen Ngandu said the Zambia One Comedy tour will be recorded and aired at a later stage so as to contribute to the industry.

"Our interest is to help promote local productions as we have always been doing and also to accord our many viewers a chance to watch the tour." said Ngandu.

Zambia One Comedy outfit every year tours the nation with a collection of sketches, plays and stand-up comedy to raise funds for a specific cause. This year the ensemble is raising funds for vulnerable children under the theme ' A Chance to Live'.