MUVI TV'S Ready for Marriage contestant Sophie Tepula's chances were thrown into jeopardy when her recent outing to Hollywood City night club attracted a sour tonic on the show.

The 23-year-old, among the 22 participants chasing the K100 million prize, was caught in her own web.
Sophie indicated to R4M anchor Master Chimbala that she quit nights out to leave a decent life.

The self-confessed party girl said she had put her teenage past behind.
Unfortunately, the past caught up with Sophie when she was captured in the entertainment pages partying at the Zain Voice Messaging Service launch in Lusaka two weeks ago.

Chimbala said Sophie was shown her pictures in the entertainment pages.
A moment of silent was supported by Sophie's admission that she was the one in the images.

Chimbala said the contestant regretted the decision to have gone to Hollywood City.

"We just asked her about the night at Hollywood City and showed her the photos and she was just mute. Afterwards, she recognised herself and expressed regret at the incident. She said it was not the best decision she made," he explained, adding; "Sophie is one of the people that were open enough to disclose that she had a life in the past but she has changed."

Sophie's fiancé only identified as Stanley also appeared on the programme on Tuesday.
Stanley said he loved Sophie but regretted taking her out.

"I regret taking her out…and the dance was not good but we only realised it after seeing the photos," he said.

Sophie may hope that her night out would not have the potential to ruin her chances as a candidate Ready for Marriage whose season two prize comes with a wedding ceremony sponsorship for the winner.

Artistes that forced Sophie not to resist the dance floor at the Zain show included Petersen, OC, Shyman, Ruff Kid, Slap D, B-Flow, P-Jay, Judy, Dalisoul and their gospel counterparts Stan Chipuma and Hezron Ngosa.