PRESIDENT Michael Sata has wished Dr Kenneth Kaunda a quick recovery.

President Sata, who this morning visited Dr Kaunda at the Lusaka Trust Hospital, where the first Republican president had been admitted since Thursday, said he wished the founding father well.

President Sata, who was accompanied by first lady Dr Christine Kaseba, posted on his Facebook page that he was happy that Dr Kaunda was getting better.

"The first lady and I have just returned from Lusaka Trust Hospital, where we went to visit our founding president Dr Kenneth David Kaunda. We were happy to find KK in high spirits. Get well soon Shikulu," said President Sata.

And Dr Kaunda's daughter Cheswa said in an interview yesterday that the 89-year-old statesman was doing well and looking forward to going back home.

Cheswa said Dr Kaunda was at the moment not allowed to be visited by too many people.

"He is doing very well. He is looking forward to going home by himself. At the moment, we have to consult the doctors on whether he can be visited," she said.
Cheswa did not disclose or specify what Dr Kaunda was suffering from but said she was glad he was recovering well.

On Saturday, Cheswa said from the time Dr Kaunda was admitted, he had been visited by some senior government officials, who included health minister Dr Joseph Kaonde.