THE government authorities have closed Dichawang'a Primary School in Zambezi after some Luvale-speaking pupils protested against being taught in the Lunda language being spoken in the area.
The government recently introduced a policy that children from pre-school to grade four be taught in the local languages but that English would be introduced in the second grade as a subject.
But North-Western Province minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu said in an interview yesterday that while the implementation of the policy had been flawless in other parts of the province, there were problems in Zambezi where people spoke either Luvale or Lunda.
Mubukwanu said a large number of pupils at Dichawang'a Primary School, which is situated in one of the education zones of Zambezi East where Lunda is predominantly spoken, are Luvale-speaking and their parents are aggrieved over them being taught in Lunda.
"They are the ones insisting that they don't want their children to learn in Lunda but Luvale. The community are agitating that they don't want Lunda to be taught in the school," he said. "There was a small protest of pupils on Sunday or Monday. Everything is under control. It is just a question of getting down there to help address the situation. The school will be reopened almost immediately. We should be going there with my team to go and meet the aggrieved party to understand their grievances."
Lunda and Luvale are among the seven main local languages in the country.