PRESIDENT Michael Sata says Zambia has demonstrated its resolve and political will to domesticate the convention on cluster munitions.
Officially opening the fourth meeting of states parties to the convention on cluster munitions at Government Complex, President Sata said the government had approved the domestication of the convention.
President Sata said the legislation would be tabled in Parliament for consideration.
"We are greatly honoured and appreciate the trust that you bestowed on us to be the first country on the continent of Africa to host the meeting of states parties and assume its presidency with the deliberate focus on the chosen theme of universal declaration. Zambia has played a consistent role in peace building on the continent of Africa which dates back to the liberation struggle and is well documented during the fight against colonialism," President Sata said.
He said the country was not spared from the suffering and casualties caused by land mines and other reminisce of war.
He said in countries like Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique and many others, a number of people were disabled because of weapons.
"Today some of our people, especially those in border areas continue to be affected with these reminisce of war, particularly women and children. It is therefore not surprising that Zambia was among the signatories," he said.
He said it was important for member states to further explore ways of working together to ensure the world was safe from cluster munitions and their indiscriminate effects on personnel and civilian population.
And Ambassador Steffen Kongstad, who is the president of the third meeting on states parties, said strides have been made in the protection of civilians from cluster munitions.
"We are encouraged by the great number of states that have stood up over the years to condemn the use of cluster munitions," said Ambassador Kongstad.
The fourth meeting of states parties to the convention on cluster munitions runs from September 9 to 13 and has attracted delegates from over 80 member states.