PEOPLE of Luano Valley are living on wild fruits locally called masau following a poor harvest, says PF Mkushi South Constituency losing parliamentary candidate Davies Chisopa.
And Chisopa has challenged the people of Luano district to challenge Mkushi South MMD member of parliament Sydney Chisanga to give them his development agenda for the area.
Chisopa, who was in the district, said most families were relying on local fruits, which were running out.
He said being a valley, Luano had usually experienced poor harvests, and residents were relying on relief food from the government.
"Being a member of the ruling party and a person that lives in Mkushi, I always go there to see how people are living because it's the responsibility on my part as a PF member to see how our people are living. Last week, I was in Luano; I found that people are surviving on wild fruits. They prepare the same masau in three different ways to cater for a day's three-meal course," Chisopa said.
"Everywhere I held a meeting, the complaint of hunger was first. Their member of parliament has forgotten about them. As a party, we try in our own small way to help because it's our responsibility to provide for our people, and I am sure the new district commissioner is handling that."
Chisopa said he was hopeful that after President Michael Sata declared Luano Valley a district, people would be employed.
He said residents had realised that PF meant well when it promised employment and food for all.
"People are always asking me to tell government that why are they not having a by-election in Luano to change their member of parliament, who has failed so that they also give PF chance. They say to me; "konse ukowaya ma by-elections nomba kuno ninshi? Naifwe tulefwaya by-election to cinjeko ba MP pantu natumona ifyo ba Sata na PF balebomba [There are by-elections taking place everywhere you go, why not here? We need a by-election too so that we can elect a new member of parliament because we have seen what President Michael Sata and PF are doing)," said Chisopa.
And speaking during a meeting with PF Mkushi Constituency officials in Ching'ombe area, Chisopa said Chisanga had failed to come up with a development agenda for the people of the newly-created Luano district.
He said that Luano district needed a member of parliament with a development agenda in order for the area to develop.
Chisopa said Luano district was endowed with lot of natural resources but needed a political leader with a passion to develop the area.
He called on residents of Ching'ombe area to hold their member of parliament accountable in the implem-entation of developmental projects.
Chisopa said effective project implementation needed the involvement of residents in a given area.
He said being a politician, he would continue speaking for the people of Mkushi South Constituency.
Chisopa and PF Mkushi South Constituency officials have embarked on party mobilisation for the ruling PF in Luano district.