REVENUE collection at Nakonde border post has almost doubled in the last four months following an increase in traffic volumes, says a Zambia Revenue Authority official.
Clement Mulenga, acting assistant commissioner at the Nakonde border post, said ZRA had so far collected KR491million in the first quarter of this year compared to the KR275 million collected over the same quarter last year.
"Revenue is increasing because of the increase in traffic volumes. We are clearing on average 120 small vehicles per day and between 200 to 260 trucks which is an increase from last year," he said in an interview.
As traffic volumes increase, Mulenga explained that there was a pressing need to build infrastructure to accommodate the increase.
"As traffic volumes increase, we need to adjust our volumes. We need to have better infrastructure so that whatever is coming in can be well cleared and cleared within the period because what we are having now as a challenge at the border is that we are ready to receive the goods but the infrastructure is not there to allow us receive the goods," he said.
Mulenga said the construction of a K31.2 billion one-stop-border at Nakonde in Northern Province, which would ease traffic clearance congestion, is expected to be completed in August.
"The one-stop-border is one of the initiatives to the challenges at Nakonde. We introduced it at Chirundu border post and it has given us good results. In Chirundu, we were receiving roughly 2,000 trucks in a month before the one-stop-border but traffic volumes have increased to about 15,000 per month after the one-stop-border initiative," said Mulenga, adding that similar results are expected in Nakonde once the project is completed.
Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda called for swift completion of construction works on the one-stop-border post project being undertaken by China Jiangxi.
Chikwanda, who toured the project site, said the initiative would help ZRA collect more revenue urgently needed for the country's development.