A NON-governmental organisation in Choma has attributed the increase in rape and defilement cases in the country to moral degradation.
Positive Action on Human Rights and Freedom Development executive director Bright Jalila said moral problems had been left unattended to for a long time, hence the increase in defilement and rape cases that were leading to death.
He said there is need to immediately identify the root cause of the problem rather than formulating policies based on assumptions.
''The popular notion is that this evil act is premised on the belief that defilers are seeking a cure for incurable diseases such as HIV and AIDS or as a form of ritual to acquire wealth, need to be subjected to serious scrutiny," he said. "There is need for us as a country to go beyond  these assumptions but compel the offenders or suspects speak out on why they commit such offences so that we understand the root cause of this nasty vice. In most cases these offenders are drunk."
Jalila said once this was done, it would be easier to understand the vice which had taken a new twist thereby allowing lawmakers to have direction and out rightly respond to the challenge.
He noted that the vice had taken a new twist whereby offenders had resorted to killing their victims after committing the offence which was evidence enough that intervention put in place so far were inadequate.
Jalila said the culture of drinking alcohol at any time of the day had also contributed to defilement and rape, adding that the time at which alcohol was consumed needed to be checked and controlled.