ADD president Charles Milupi says President Michael Sata's latest creation of new districts has no practical use as it is all for political mileage.

Commenting on President Sata's decision to turn Luampa, Sioma, Sikongo and Nalolo areas of Western Province into districts, Milupi said in an interview yesterday that it would be useless to create new districts when there was nothing to show in the other newly-created districts.

Milupi said all the new districts that had been created were not catered for in the 2013 budget and, therefore, the developmental claim would be useless.
"President Sata is merely making pronouncements so that he can get political mileage which has no practical use," Milupi said. "That is his problem; he thinks he has to do things like that.

Ever since he went in the job, he has been creating this, creating that, with no planning, no budget to effect those things. And if there is no budget, the plans are hopeless."

He added that President Sata had created districts such as Mulobezi, which was removed from Sesheke district, to which no substantial changes had been noted.
"If you look at the previous districts that were created and physically go there and see what is happening…go to Mulobezi and check what is happening, there is nothing," said Milupi.