The revelation by finance deputy minister Miles Sampa that the government has so far spent close to K1 billion on Rupiah Banda's rentals as reported in The Post of November 26, 2012 is heartbreaking indeed.

It must be made clear that as long as public resources continue to be used in this manner, Zambia will never see meaningful development.

This is due to the fact that only a handful of individuals will continue enjoying the resources of the country at the expense of the general citizenry.
Surely, it beats logic to learn that there was no house for him when he left State House.

Honestly, where was he living before he became president of our country? This, in fact, shows that most politicians have no heart for the people and lack the virtue of humility.

If only Rupiah was selfless and humble enough, he would have opted to live at his own house and the money that the government is spending on his rentals would have been channelled to other sectors that need urgent attention such as our health institutions among others.

Let our politicians learn to champion the interests of the citizenry in the first place as opposed to satisfying their own ambition.

In the same vein, we would like to know what has been spent on Maureen Mwanawasa as well so that we know where our monies are being spent.