THE UPND says MMD is losing direction each day that passes ever since it lost power to the PF.

Special advisor to UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema, Douglas Siakalima told QFM on Monday that the UPND felt sorry for the MMD because it did not have the experience of being in the opposition.

Siakalima said the MMD should stop accusing the UPND of creating some of the problems it was facing, but instead remain steadfast and learn opposition politics.

Siakalima said the leadership of the MMD should sit down and resolve the issues affecting the party to avoid further destruction of the party.
He said the MMD should realise that it was no longer the ruling party hence the need to stay focused.

MMD president Nevers Mumba said MMD needed UPND to remove PF from power.
This was despite UPND vice-president Richard Kapita declaring that UPND was no longer interested in a pact with MMD.