CHIPOLOPOLO midfielder Rainford Kalaba has been accused of violence and child neglect by his estranged wife Christina Mwiche.

But Kalaba says Mwiche is using their five-year old son to milk money from him and fund her allegedly active social life.

Mwiche who stormed The Post offices in Kitwe yesterday appealed to Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Kalusha Bwalya to counsel her estranged husband to take care of their son.

Mwiche, who spotted a bruised swollen face in the company of her son and a sympathiser, complained that she always gets beaten whenever she asks for the child's sponsorship since the two separated in 2010.
She lamented that she decided to leave Kalaba's house because of his violent conduct towards her.

"Kalusha Bwalya is an icon, let them FAZ sit him Kalaba down. I am not demanding for anything of my own," Mwiche said. "This is his son. You look at my face; he beat me up last Saturday when I went to ask for the child's requirements. Every time, I make any inquiry about our son's welfare, he beats me, even the school my son attends, you can't believe. But he holds parties for his girl friends."

Mwiche claimed she had been to Victim Support Unit at Chifubu police but never got attention and that she went to the local court but Kalaba never attended any court hearing until the matter died a "natural death".

"I am now fed up, honestly I am tired. I have always respected him for two years now because he pretends like he is a good father, he takes care," she said. "Even when the national team is camping at Michelangelo Lodge, you call him, he will tell me to go there with Diego but he'll not give us anything. Let FAZ sit him Kalaba and tell him to at least care for his own son."

"This is his blood...I am telling you, Kalaba has really changed. The Kalaba I knew from Afrisports when he had nothing is not the Kalaba I see now, please help me. I am coming here because I have nowhere to go."
But Kalaba said he always took care of his son but the alienated wife always abused the money he remitted.

"Those are just lies, that girl is naughty. In fact I am taking her to court so that I get custody of the child and resolve this matter once and for all," Kalaba said in an interview from his base in Lubumbashi.
Kalaba said he has been receiving reports that his son does not get the care he is supposed to get from a mother.

"She Mwiche drinks every time with the money I send for the child, drinking with her friends," said Kalaba. "She is a problem that girl, a really big problem. I give her money for the child's requirements. If she says I don't sponsor the child, why has the child grown up, How does the child manage to go to school? She came here ( Ndola) on Saturday I gave her K1million, but it's like she wants to use the child to get money from me for drinking...I really want to get the child to DR Congo but she's adamant because she knows that she will stop making noise once the child is with me."