It is offensive. It is misleading. It is wrong.
Even though it is a reflection of an inconsiderate attitude, a reflection of baseness, many people do it. The manner with which they do it reveals ignorance of its wrongness on their part. However, when they do it, despite its being offensive, they seem to really mean well.

Truth be told, for every effect there is a cause. And God is the author of this fundamental principle of the Universe. What ought not to be missed is that this principle applies to all things. It does not matter whether one believes in God or not, this principle is at play at all times.

It is understandable, and it ought to be understood by everyone..
You see, pray all you want but if you do not work you will not see prosperity. It just won't happen.

Similarly, despite your praying day and night, saying hundreds of prayers, praying hard if at all such a thing exists, if you do not study you will not pass.

'God has been kind to Zambia'. This was a front page headline in one of the recent editions of The Post. In this story are the following words: 'Japan is one of the countries that has had to grapple with earthquakes and volcanoes such as the Unzen volcano in 1991, the 1995 Kobe earthquake, 2004 Niigata earthquake and the tsunami in 2011, which destroyed the Fukushima Power plant. President Sata said Zambia was spared from such disasters because God was kind to the southern African nation The Post, Thursday 11 October 2012.

A simple analysis of the foregoing statement will show that the Republican President really meant well. One can argue that he was truly expressing gratitude to God for 'God having made it possible for Zambians to live in peace'. Based on this score, the Republican President could be forgiven for inadvertently having offended the Japanese.

This analysis, based on another score, shows that his statement is callous and utterly inconsiderate of the suffering/misfortune of others.

In one breath, there is something else that the Republican President was saying. By saying one thing he was also saying another. This is where the problem is.

By saying that 'Zambia was spared from such disasters because God was kind to the southern African nation' he was also saying that it is because God had not been kind to Japan that these disasters happened. Now is that the truth? No, it is not. God is kind to all, even to the presently warring Syrians.

If then it is true that God has not been kind to Japan, why would He be of that disposition? Why would he choose Japan for His unkindness?

At all times, we must be wary of the manner in which we make reference to God in our conversations. Should we fail to observe such decorum in the way that we invoke God in our statements, we just might offend/mislead.

You see, the reason that Japan continues to experience the mentioned natural disasters has nothing to do with God being unkind to it or not. It is because Japan lies on geographical fault lines. Japan lies on shifting tectonic plates, and this explains why it is earthquake or tsunami-prone.

God is for all. The principles of the Universe that govern all existence were all created by Him.

Regardless of whether one is Tonga or Kaonde, if one does one thing, another thing, determined by the thing earlier done will occur.
If a Lozi smiles, chances are the other person that sees that warm smile, whether Luchazi or Chewa, will also smile.

When a seed is planted, germination will follow. When the same seed is fried and eaten, germination as we commonly know it will not occur. It is as simple and predictable as that.

'God loves Zambia' Sunday Mail, Sunday 14 October 2012. This is one of the messages Chapadongo Lungu received on his phone after Zambia had beaten Uganda 9-8 on post-match penalties.

This again is a curious statement deserving of careful study. It is misleading. It erroneously argues that God hates Uganda.

What is worth noting about the Zambia-Uganda match is that, really, God had something to do with the performance of both teams. Nonetheless, God did not favour one team over the other. He did no such thing.

It is also true that Zambia's prayers were answered. The question is how were these prayers answered? Zambia's qualification was merely a reflection of the level of preparedness of the Zambian team. God's providence follows obedience to set expectations.

The Zambian team, in cumulative terms, followed the principles of success more than the Ugandan. It is as readable as that. If the nine Zambian players had not taken their spot kicks with confidence and deliberate accuracy as they did, they would not have scored, and Zambia would not have qualified. That is just that.

God is on the side of the ready. God supports those that work hard.
There is no such thing in life as luck. Luck is merely the occurrence of a desirable thing that, at first glance, appears to be inexplicable and not caused by its beneficiary when the converse is true. On the other hand, note the saying that 'luck/chance favours the prepared'.
As Chapadongo Lungu states in his article, we must truly 'praise the boys for the job well done'. It is they that did the job, and the merit should be so apportioned.

God, on His own, did not directly win the match for Zambia. That would be wrong and unfair, and God knows that!
Uganda lost the match not because God hates Uganda. No, God does not hate Uganda, nor does He love Zambia. God loves all His creation and His laws are behind the occurrence of all phenomena.

Uganda lost the match to Zambia because Zambia was the better of the two sides. Take note that, in football, it is not really how you play that matters, it is the goals that you score that do.
God is in all things.

God's laws define causes and their effects.
God's world is frame-worked. There are set dos and don'ts in the Universe. His laws are immutable and fair to all. His laws are knowable, and each human being ought to know them. It is because God's laws are knowable and immutable that success is predictable.

Success or failure is predicated on set behaviour. Study the behaviour of anyone and, chances are, you will, with stunning accuracy, predict his future.
Know the laws of the Universe, pilgrim. Then you will know God. And only then will you invoke God correctly in your speech.