OVER a hundred youths almost protested at the 1st Zambia Army Infantry Brigade headquarters in Lusaka yesterday after being left out of the selection process in the Zambia National Service and Zambia Army joint recruitment exercise.

Commotion nearly reigned at the premises when a group of youths could not leave after being left out and they began chanting "corruption" and

"we want change" slogans before surrounding this reporter to complain that they wanted the President to know about their grievances.

The disappointed and angry youths said they voted for the PF so that they could have jobs but said they now felt that the PF was "just a continuation of MMD since the people in charge are just recruiting their relatives".

One senior officer who spoke on condition of anonymity said the army had no powers to recruit more people against government directives.

"You reporters should not just write about the complaints from these youths saying there was corruption. We have only been told to recruit 800 people countrywide and from the 10 provinces that we have, that means we can only employ 80 people per province," said the officer. He said from the over 5,000 applicants in Lusaka, only 500 were picked to undergo physical exercises and medical examination out of which 80 will be selected.