RUPIAH Banda says the elections in Lesotho were conducted within the legal framework of that country.

Former president Banda, who led the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) election observer mission, yesterday congratulated the Basotho for conducting a peaceful electoral process, which showed maturity in democracy.

"The Mission is of the opinion that the elections were conducted within the legal framework of Lesotho. The Mission encourages all parties to accept the results and resort to appropriate channels to resolve their disputes," he stated in a communiqué released by his office.

Banda encouraged the parties to ensure equal representation of women in selection of candidates for the constituency-based elections.

"There is a need to clean up the voters' roll so as to ensure accuracy. The counterfoil of ballot papers should be removed before the voter is issued with the ballot paper in order to safeguard secrecy of the ballot," he stated.

Banda praised the electoral body for the manner in which it managed the whole electoral process by permanently consulting all electoral stakeholders.

"EISA noted the efforts of Lesotho stakeholders in working together towards the improvement of the country's electoral system to further strengthen and consolidate their democracy. The EISA Mission commends the enthusiastic and peaceful participation of Basotho in the electoral campaign and in the voting," he stated.

Banda said EISA would continue to follow the electoral process and would produce a comprehensive final report upon the conclusion of the process.
The report will provide an in-depth analysis of the Mission's observations, findings and recommendations.

Lesotho held its National Assembly elections on Saturday.