FREDERICK Chiluba's widow, Regina, says she at times felt left out of the former president's life because of his reading culture.

And Maureen Mwanawasa says there is still a lot that needs to be captured about the life of late president Levy Mwanawasa.

Featuring on a Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation ZNBC Radio II Book Spectrum programme on Monday, Regina said Chiluba loved reading and writing.

Regina said the Kitwe-born Chiluba did not just love books but read widely about politics, economics, Christianity and medical literature on his heart problem.

She said her late husband also shared a lot of what he read and took notes for his memoirs project titled, My Life, which she says she will complete after the first anniversary of his death on June 18, 2012.

"President Chiluba really loved reading, writing...his reading culture, it was a bit of a thorn sometimes, because everywhere my husband sat, he sat with a book. He had a book to read...He read all the time," Regina said during the interview. "Sometimes, I would even feel a bit left out but he would jokingly say, 'Oh my friend, don't worry, you know you are number one.'...I would complain sometimes."

And Maureen Mwanawasa said on the same programme that the books written about president Mwanawasa were not enough.

"The books that have been written about him are not enough. He had a very big life which still needs to be captured," Maureen said. "We still miss him."

Maureen said Amos Malupenga's biography, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa: An Incentive for Posterity, could be revised to capture as much as possible the different sides of her late husband's life as well as to cater for aspects raised since its publication.

Maureen said she was currently available for mentorship of young people in schools and colleges after which she would consider writing an autobiography.

During the interview, Maureen also talked about being orphaned at 10 years, her Jehovah's Witness upbringing, including her struggle with its position of not singing the national anthem at the school assembly.