THE Iris Kaingu porn clip has gone on sale in Lusaka.

The 16-minute video, whose production was credited to the Zambia Centre of Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) where Iris was a student until she was expelled over its leakage last November, is being sold on Cha Cha Cha and Cairo roads, Town Centre and City Market.

Some of the CDs even have Iris' picture.

Traders said the CDs had been on sale for the last three months.

The video which features Iris and her boyfriend Nathan going through a myriad of sexual styles has been included in VCDs and DVDs of different pornographic collection videos produced outside the country.

Street vendors trading in DVDs and VCDs in different spots in the Central business unit are selling the clip which went viral last year.

The shrewd hawkers and traders, who fear arrest for trading in pornographic material, are not displaying the discs but say it is available on request and after carefully scrutinising a customer.

One trader talked to said the video cost K10,000 and had been on sale for over three months.

The trader revealed that demand for the video has been high since it went on sale.

When contacted, police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela asked for more time to verify the matter.

By press time, Kanjela was said to be in a meeting.

Iris, the daughter of former community development minister Michael Kaingu, appeared for mention yesterday.

Iris is charged with one count of making obscene cinematographic films tending to corrupt morals contrary to section 177 (1) (a) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.