A 22-year-old female Australian tourist on Saturday plunged into the Zambezi River after her bungee jumping cord snapped.

The distance between the bridge where one jumps and the river below is 111 metres.

Confirming the accident, Southern Province police commissioner Brenda Muntemba said the accident involving Erin Laung Worth happened at the Victoria Falls bridge at around 17:15 hours.

"The rope bungee code cut whilst going down but she managed to swim to the Zimbabwean side. She was treated at Victoria Falls clinic in Zimbabwe and evacuated to South Africa," Muntemba said.

And a National Heritage Conservation Commission source who spoke on condition of anonymity, said NHCC, the custodians of the Victoria Falls and the bridge, had difficulties getting the truth from the bungee jumping expedition management.

"The incident happened on Saturday and the female Australian was saved by quick action by Zimbabwean policemen who have access to the bottom of the gorge using a staircase. It's like these people bungee management don't want the incident to leak out to the public. But I have heard that bungee management has been ordered to report to Victoria Falls police station to give a statement," the NHCC source said.

And a Bungee Extreme manager Sonia Clay said details where in the police report.

According to Safari Par Excellency (Safpar) website, the bungee jumping expedition has a 100 per cent safety record.

"111 metres of pure adrenaline rash! The bungee jump operates off the Victoria Falls Bridge and over 50,000 people have committed themselves to the thrill of jumping off the bridge. Challenge the limits of the mind and test the edge of fear by leaping off the impressive bridge, with the falls behind and the mighty Zambezi below."

"Ankle and body harnesses are attached separately to clients. After jumping they are winched back onto the bridge. Photographs and video are taken of each jumper," the Safpar site states.