ELIAS Chipimo Senior says corruption is embedded in some Zambians.

In an interview in Lusaka on Wednesday, Chipimo asked for strong commitment to the fight against corruption by the PF government.

"I think even if there is a little short of money, because we have squandered so much in the past…the little there is if it goes in the right direction will give people hope that next year on, things will begin to improve," he said.

Chipimo, who is father to National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo junior, said a strong commitment to fighting corruption would be required because the vice was too embedded in Zambians.

He reminded President Sata that the fight against corruption would not be an easy one because he would be dealing with a composition of people who had been influenced by corruption.

"We have been accumulating a lot of mistakes especially in the area of corruption, regime after regime. People's attitudes both at the very local level and in high office have been so tainted and so conditioned to expecting that taking things from where you work is a natural thing. And if you don't do it you even look stupid, so that has got to be corrected and it cannot be corrected over night or over a year. It can only be corrected over generations through education," he said.

"From the way things are going on now, just because we have undergone change and people have pronounced their ability to change a government that does not listen, it does look as if we have started to bring more hope."

Chipimo called for a change in people's mindsets.

"We need a completely new change of reasoning and a new change of direction in the minds of those who say we want to do completely away with the past corruption or not. We must make a new beginning, but Michael Sata is making a good start for them all," he said.

Chipimo said PFs 90 days in office had been trial-and-error because of lack of maintaining certain decisions taken by the government.

"I think it PF's 90 days in office has been a little bit on the side of trial and error, but the trying is showing better than the errors. I hope it will continue to improve. I say it has been a trial and error all because so many times we get decisions taken and reversed almost immediately obviously if you had thought your policy through, you wouldn't have to do that," he said.

Chipimo said it was a good effort on the part of the government to reverse certain decisions not taken in the interest of the people.

Chipimo urged the government to be dedicated and honest in serving the people who elected it into office.

"Only they the PF can decide when it comes to points of decisions whether it is taking decisions in the interest of the people or it is in personal interest," he said.

He advised the government against taking decisions that would only be convenient to them.

"When I look at the people, they all seem to be walking in the street with a quicker step and I think they are all looking to the future for something positive to happen and that will happen if new jobs are created, infrastructure is improved and education and health are promoted," said Chipimo.