ZCAS has expelled Michael Kaingu's daughter, Iris, over a lurid sex video she appears in.

And police in Lusaka have launched investigations into the matter where Iris appears with her partner who is also a ZCAS student.

Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) executive director Dr Yejju Gouthama Rao confirmed that the known students had been expelled from the college.

Dr. Rao, who could not delve into the matter for fear of jeopardising police investigations, said the students' conduct had dented the image of the institution.

"Actually, my colleague is at Central Police station for questioning now yesterday , so we are waiting for him and I think at this stage we don't want to say anything. Once everything is clear we will issue an official statement. No, I don't want to comment on anything in any way because you see the issue at hand here is sensitive," he said. "What is true is that two students have been expelled and it was done the day we heard about it last week. But, otherwise the matter is being investigated."
Dr. Rao explained that management decided to expel the students for bringing the name of the institution into disrepute.

"Usually, I don't know really what to say because as much as we love the press freedom, certain things are usually misquoted to make it spicy. We are an institution of repute and for us to continue with that reputation we have to focus on our core business. I mean anything that is not desirable, naturally it will have an impact. Of course the impact might vary depending on the type of information that is being circulated,ยดยด said Dr. Rao.

Both police and Kaingu confirmed the matter in separate interviews.

Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela said the Lusaka police division had moved in on the matter based on rumours that a pornographic video was circulating on the Internet.

"I need to get confirmation on the number of people implicated because no public complaint has been made. We decided to move in and do our own investigations ," said Kanjela.

And when contacted Kaingu, who is former community development minister, affirmatively confirmed being the father of Iris, but could not give further details saying: "Yes she is my daughter."

Kaingu's daughter Iris and her boyfriend whose name we could not confirm, both students at ZCAS, allegedly produced a pornographic video of their sex romp currently circulating on the Internet.
The 16-minute clip is a graphic sexual thriller of Iris and her boy friend attempting professional porn-style feats.

The amateur-shot video has the two in a dimly-lit room with nothing else pictured besides them going through a routine of myriad sexual positions with their nude bodies clearly visible.

The video starts with the naked duo fondling on a college-style single bed and Iris' face comes up, face up performing oral sex on her boyfriend who is kneeling over her abdomen.

After performing oral sex on her partner, Iris reaches out for some juice by the bed side as if to sooth her throat before resuming the rest of the orgy.

Though the couple seems to be conversing throughout the lurid sexual marathon, their conversation is not audible as the video's sound has been faded out with background music.

The amateurish video whose production is credited to ZCAS and titled 'Naughty college girl Iris likes Dark N lovely' on http://www.xvideos.com/video1522636/00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 predominantly features Iris' face and which becomes even more vivid when she performs a close to 2 minute oral sex with her partner.

In the video, the couple attempt various positions including some that resemble olympic-style acrobatics.

Towards the end, Iris slides to the side of the bed and while covering her chest with her right hand, looks into the camera thereby limiting any chance of mistaken identity.

The video has enjoyed widespread viewing in neighbouring Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, National Institute of Public Administration and other colleges.