PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda says he supports the bombings of Libya in line with the UN
Security Council resolutions.

And President Banda says Zambians should reject politics of tribalism, division, hatred and lies.
Meanwhile, President Banda said he will try to fulfill the promises he made to Zambians within the limited time he has been in office.

In an interview after filling in his nomination papers for the MMD presidency at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka on Friday ahead of the party's national convention set for April 5-7 at Mulungushi University in Kabwe, President Banda said the African Union already supported the resolutions by the UN Security Council regarding the happenings in Libya.

"I am a member of the AU, I believe in it and I support it," President Banda said.

And addressing people when he officially opened Mumbwa District Hospital at the hospital's grounds, President Banda said Zambians should weigh politicians who will go to campaign before them.
"These campaigns which will begin shortly we must reject campaigns of hatred, division and tribalism, lies," he said.

President Banda said other political leaders should tell Zambians what they would to do for them, based on their past records when they served as leaders. He said Zambians did not want the country to end up in conflict.

President Banda said results of the elections which had been conducted in the past had always been free, fair and transparent, saying the same should apply during this year's general election.
He said apart from the Mumbwa Hospital, the government was constructing 33 hospitals across the country. President Banda said he was underlying all this because there were people saying that the government had done nothing.

"We are not sleeping. We are committed to the promises that we made to you the people of Zambia, and we shall do our best within the limitations of the budget. Within the limitations of time, this government had only three years to do what we promised, not only for the people of Mumbwa, but for all the people of Zambia," he said.

President Banda said the cost of constructing the Mumbwa Hospital was K12 billion.

He said this would lessen the stress placed on the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.

President Banda said the government was placing serious attention on the challenges the paramedics were facing.

He said no worker could make uttermost effort to serve other people when there was overwhelming pressure around them.

President Banda thanked senior chief Shakumbila of Mumbwa district for the support towards organising an ambulance for Mumbwa Hospital. He said chief Shakumbila could have easily bought a vehicle for himself or pocketed the money but he realised that he was a chief.

And President Banda said he is surprised about reports that the MMD had frozen the position of vice presidency.

President Banda said only the convention could freeze the position of party vice-president.

Asked about reports in the Zambia Daily Mail that the MMD had frozen the post of vice-president, President Banda responded:  "I am not aware of that. My colleagues are going to issue a statement. Somebody jumped the gun. That decision has to be made by the convention, so I am not aware of that, myself. I was surprised."

MMD acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu later told journalists that there were suggestions to freeze the position of vice-president.

"There are a few members that thought this position is creating some problems. There is a lot of acrimony and friction among the members.

Others have proposed amendments to the constitution," he said.

Nyangu said applicants for the party vice-presidency, including the two that had already declared interest - Republican Vice-President George Kunda and former Kabwe central member of parliament Patrick Musonda - were free to file in their nominations between yesterday and 24 hours before the convention.

Nyangu said the convention would debate whether or not to freeze the vice-presidency.

"If they delegates think it should be frozen, then the convention will decide. It's not for one person to decide," Nyangu said.

Nyangu said Nason Musoni and Charles Ngesa had shown interest to challenge President Banda for the party presidency at the convention.

Nyangu said Mike Mulongoti, Jonas Shakafuswa, George Mpombo, and two others members who were deemed indisciplined and not in good standing with the party would not be allowed to file in their nominations for national executive committee (NEC) portfolios.

Talking about his nomination, President Banda said he was happy that he had successfully field in his nomination and was "ready for battle".

MMD electoral commission chairperson Christopher Mundia, who is also President Banda's personal lawyer, announced that party members would be allowed to file in their nominations until 24 hours before the convention starts.