Women are different.

That women are different is a fundamental truth. It is the way it ought to be, and they must remain so. Every effort must be made by all humanity to preserve and promote the retention and full expression of this difference.

If women were not so life as we know it would truly not be the way that it is at present.

A woman is a man's other self, and a man is a woman's other self. The two are one.

Needless to say, women are physically different from men. However, what is true but has been underplayed, ever since the two sexes came into being, is that women are also mentally different. This mental difference needs to be well appreciated just as the physical one is readily so.

You see, there must never exist a law that hinders the full expression of the potential of any human being. That human beings should be allowed to express their full potential is vital for the survival of the human species. What we see as the full picture of human life on earth is only a direct reflection of the composite of all the lives of each one of the people that have and continue to exist. If this picture of the world is not a good one then acts of omission or deficiencies, requiring redress, in the individual persons are responsible.
On the other hand, in the pursuit of empowering women, we must not be quick to enact laws that are founded on limited knowledge. There is a danger in creating laws that, thinking that they would lead to the facilitation of the full expression of the potential that women possess, would only succeed in promoting that which is not possible. Such an environment has the potential of frustrating the whole human race.

It is the pursuit of equilibrium that must inform our legislative processes.
Yes, inequalities do exist in today's world, inequalities that disadvantage women. These must be removed. Nonetheless, there are things that because women are women, they are just not suited to do. Knowing the limitations of each sex is your challenge, dear reader.

In some countries, women, by law or decree are not allowed to show their faces. This is so behind. In some countries, women are not allowed to drive vehicles. This too is not necessary.

In other countries, some of them in the West, that part of the world that often brags about being the bastion of liberty, only recently, women were not allowed to vote. It must be noted that this was a shameful anomalous fixture in the lives of human beings.

From the foregoing, you will then see that by deliberate acts of nations, women still are or have indeed been marginalised. This is sad because through this blindness man has also terribly suffered.

Nonetheless, we must be cautious that as we get rid of one extreme, we must not create another.

Take Zambia, for instance. There is not a single law in this country that keeps women shackled. Though this is the case, it is not uncommon for some sections of civil society to continue to argue, for example, that Zambia needs more women in politics, leadership positions, and decision-making portfolios and so on and so forth.

There is a strangeness to this. I will tell you why.

Though still inspired by some still existing non-legislative barriers, the strangeness of these calls lies in the advocates' failure to learn just exactly why women are not equal in numbers as men in the targeted positions. It is vital to undertake a thorough study just to see why such number disparities exist. The evidence would indeed be revealing.

You see, an argument could be made that even if legally, religiously or economically the playing field were to be equal, levelled or permissive for both sexes, women would still be less in number than men in the said positions. This is a curious assertion.
I say that this is a curious assertion because what is observed might merely be an accurate reflection of the order of life that ought to exist as determined by the blueprint of human life. Going against this blueprint would surely have very dire consequences in communities and globally.

You see, other determinants than merely the outside environment are at play that ultimately determine what responsibilities or direction women take in their lives. One of these determinants is the level of testosterone in them. This is biological, immutable.

What you see as a decision made by a woman about what she wants to do in life may fundamentally be determined by such hormones.

The genesis of the expression that may be seen as a collective reluctance by women to participate in this and that is far deeper than what readily meets the eye. Such subtle determinants of behaviour in the sexes are often glossed over. Often times, arguments about the equality of the sexes are made as if the two were the same. This is folly.

Any action, legislative or otherwise, that is intended to lead to the empowerment of women must be sensitive to the innate differences that women possess. Failure to take this approach to human development will create a false argument about the marginalisation of women which creation has the potential of missing the real problem and further harming women and eventually humanity as a whole.

Women do not realise just how powerful they really are. You see, Nature is on the side of women. The progression of some diseases is deliberately slower in women than in men. At any given time, the odds of a woman dying are less than those of a man. Women have the ability to endure more than men. Worldwide, even in poor and developing nations, women, on average, live longer than men.
In addition, deliberately, when all the sums are done, there are more female children born than men. This is truly deliberate.

All these observations are vital because they clearly illustrate that the survival of the human species hinges on women.

Strangely, even the behaviour of men is by far only a reflection of a primordial mindset of men's that, in all that they do, they must please or meet the expectations of the other sex. It is every rare, if at all, that men make decisions without women in mind.

Even stranger, the same laws or decrees that men over the millennia have enacted that have disadvantaged women might have been made with the view that they would be beneficial to women. The only downside to this behaviour is that these laws or decrees were made in an environment replete with ignorance.

Women need to be comfortable with being women. They must never aspire to be like men. Such an attempt on their part would lead to terrible human conflict, the collapse of the human family as we know it and profound frustration of not only the women themselves but of men as well.

What is fundamentally important is that women need education/knowledge. There is no better person in the world than a knowledgeable or educated woman. She makes a good mother, wife and/or employee.

A woman, through education, well-equipped with all the tools of human survival and prosperity would really change the world. This is what the world urgently needs.

The world today is poor and less happy than it ought to be because the woman is poor and less happy than she should be. You see, global poverty has a woman's face.

Dear reader, the two sexes will never be equal. However, their outside environment can or should be. The world needs to create and maintain an environment that is fair to both, an environment that is sensitive to the differences intrinsic to both sexes.

Failure and frustration awaits the woman that views success as becoming man-like. Women should remain women/female but they must live in an environment, a world that facilitates the full expression of their potential, a world that does not have man-made barriers to their survival and prosperity.
In the end, it is all pissing in the wind really. If man does not allow the woman to fully express herself man kills himself. Do you now see the folly of marginalising women? Marginalising women is synonymous with marginalising human life. It is folly, pissing in the wind.

Man cannot do without a woman, and vice versa. Anyone that argues to the contrary is a nitwit; he or she is merely ignorant of the universal truth.
Further, dear reader, the empowerment of women must not be aimed at creating an independent, arrogant, disrespectful and bitchy entity. It must be focused on creating an interdependent and healthy human family. The two sexes complement each other. One will never be a substitute of the other.

Dear reader, it is only when the two sexes, man and woman, become one, when they live in the harmonious way that is their purpose that survival, peace and prosperity shall truly reign on earth.

An investment in the wellbeing of women is a veritably an investment in the wellbeing of men. It is the healthy foundation of all humanity.
Take heed, pilgrim.