THE 2010 grade nine results are an indication of incompetence in the education sector, says ZANEC executive director Mirriam Chonya.

In a statement, Chonya said the persistent low levels of progression from grade nine to Grade 10 were worrying.

"The progression rate of the just released grade nine results which is at 46.8 per cent is unacceptable and these results mean that more than half of the candidates who sat for the exams last year will face a bleak future in terms of continuing with their education to high school level," Chonya said.

She said it was sad that this year's progression rate had increased by a paltry one per cent which entailed a regression from last year's rate which had recorded an increase by six per cent from the 2008 results.

Chonya said as an education association, they had made recommendations on the need to improve access to Grade 10 by increasing the infrastructure development targets at high school level as well.
She called on the government to target a progression rate of at least 60 per cent during this year's grade nine examinations.

Chonya said the government should expedite the curriculum review process to provide alternative ways for learners who would not progress through the formal academic system.

She said the unbalanced approach to the education provision required serious attention to avoid continued high dropout rate.

Education permanent secretary Dr James Mulungushi last week announced that out of 256,749 pupils who sat for the 2010 grade nine examinations, only 120,158 had been selected to Grade 10.

Dr Mulungushi said the current results represented a progression rate of 46.8 per cent from 45.8 percent recorded in 2009.
And Chonya said she was saddened that a number of projects in the Ministry of Education for 2010 were not undertaken because of lack of funds.