ZAMBIAN medical consultant Professor Alimuddin Zumla has been short-listed by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) group for the lifetime achievement award.

According to a statement by University Teaching Hospital (UTH) public relations manager Pauline Mbangweta, the BMJ group has announced its list of the top 10 contenders for a lifetime achievement award, which include Prof Zumla.

Mbangweta stated that Prof Zumla was a consultant in infectious diseases and international health whose contribution to infectious diseases particularly tuberculosis was outstanding.

She stated that Zumla who was born in Chipata and educated at Kamwala high school was not a stranger to the fight against tuberculosis.

"Having graduated from the University of Zambia (UNZA) school of medicine, he worked at the UTH and went to study in England, he is one of the new emerging breed of clinician scientists dually qualified in medicine, he is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Science," she stated.

Mbangweta stated that the output of Prof Zumla's research as a professor of infectious diseases and international health had led to improvements in the care of patients worldwide particularly in countries where AIDS, tuberculosis and other respiratory infections were endemic.

She stated that Prof Zumla had won several medals and had written 17 books on tuberculosis and related diseases adding that he was now a co-editor of the book 'Tropical Medicine, Manson's textbook of tropical medicine'.

"Professor Zumla has raised more than 49 million pounds of grant funding and his collaborations now span five countries in Europe and 10 in central and southern Africa," she stated.

Mbangweta stated that Prof Zumla leads several multi-country clinical trials on interventions and newer diagnostics that would improve outcomes for patients with HIV and tuberculosis.

"It is against such a rich background that he has been nominated against nine others for the prestigious lifetime achievement."

"It is a credit to all the institutions that contributed to his early education and goes to affirm the fact that if Zambian trained professionals are given the right platform and resources, they can compete with the very globally," said Mbangweta.