THE agriculture show becomes meaningful if business entities showcase products and services that reflect the current economic trends, says ACSZ vice-president Murray Anderson.
In an interview ahead of the 87th Agriculture and Commercial Show that will take place from July 31 to August 3, 2013, Anderson said the show society had completed major infrastructural works such as roads and the water reticulation system.
"We are getting ready and we have noticed that some exhibitors have completed works at their stands. We have done rehabilitation works at the American Dome and we have increased the number of gates and showgoers will find it easy to enter the show grounds. And this year they will not find dust since roads have been tarred," Anderson said. "The theme is 'Business in a changing environment' and our understanding is that companies should relate this theme to what people are experiencing in this economy. This is what people would like to see at the show, and then we shall judge based on their interpretation of the theme."
He said over 1,000 local exhibitors have confirmed participation while more than 20 international exhibitors were expected mainly from the COMESA and SADC regions.
"We expect to have different and exciting products and we shall have the best of both local and foreign musicians and other artists," said Anderson.