SINGER Mirriam Mukape, commonly known as Mampi, has complained over a nude picture of 'someone that looks like' her which has been circulating on the Internet.
And Lusaka Province police commissioner Joyce Kasosa has confirmed that police were investigating the matter.

The picture shows a naked woman, who resembles Mampi, having sex with a man.  
The 26-year-old singer and former Big Brother Africa contestant, who has since reported the matter to police, said she was not the person in the picture and that the image had been posted by people she branded as haters. 
"When I first looked at the picture, I said it looked like me but then I later realised it was not me. And I started thinking who would do this? Because if you look at it, you surely think it is me. I don't know whether it is just someone that looks like me or what. The bottom line is that it is not me in the picture. And that is why I reported it to police headquarters, under cyber crime. And the police have already started investigating," said Mampi.
The Swilili singer also said there had been several attempts at denting her image. 
"They started from 2004 and I have not gone down because I do not do that. And I believe from what they have done, my successes will just shoot up," Mampi said.
"I think they targeted me because I have been having many shows and they were not happy. That has put an image like I am sleeping with men to earn myself international shows, which is not true. They think it's fun or entertainment but it's someone's life, who has a family. I have people who look up to me. It's a job for us, we have a family."