ZAMBIAN teachers will smile once the new salaries are effected, says a teachers' union official.
In an interview in Gaborone, Botswana during the Non-Aligned Teachers' Union in Southern Africa (ANTUSA) games and cultural festival, Basic Education Teachers' Union of Zambia (BETUZ) general secretary Jeffrey Simuntala said Zambian teachers would no longer be ashamed because government had honoured them with good salaries.
Simuntala said the 2013 collective agreement that is yet to be announced would be the best document ever signed between government and teacher unions because it gives teachers 'good money'.
Simuntala said Zambian teachers were in the past scorned by their colleagues in other SADC countries because of poor salaries.
He said it was gratifying to note that the PF government had finally recognised the important role that teachers play in society by giving them better wages.
"Our teachers trekked into Botswana because they wanted to be like their friends who are entitled to a car loan. We lost a good number of teachers who went for greener pastures in Botswana and other countries in the sub-region, but now those who are already working oversees are itching to come back because we are now well remunerated," Simuntala said.
He said that strikes would not be part of the Zambian teacher's language as it would not be necessary to go on a work stoppage.
"I don't think it will be necessary for teachers to talk about striking because all what they have been asking government to do has been and is still being done," Simuntala said.
Simuntala assured teachers that the 2013 collective agreement is yet to be announced would be the best document ever signed because it would give teachers more money in their pockets.