CHIEFTAINESS Nyanje of the Nsenga people in Sinda district says her people still need more sensitisation on the rebasing of the currency.

In an interview on Saturday, chieftainess Nyanje said some unscrupulous individuals will be taking advantage of villagers' ignorance over the rebased currency in business transactions.

She said although Bank of Zambia conducted sensitisation programmes in the area, more still needed to be done.

"These people (from Bank of Zambia) came here and they informed us but I strongly feel more needs to be done. You people in villages need constant reminders because living things the way they are it means crooks will be taking advantage of people's ignorance and steal from them," chieftainess Nyanje said.
She also commended the government for commencing the road rehabilitation exercise in her area.
Chieftainess Nyanje said most roads in her chiefdom were last repaired by the UNIP government.

"We are happy because President Michael Sata has given us road-making equipment and has also started repairing roads. This (Sinda/Nyanje) road is a busy road because it leads to the hospital and I am hopeful people will be accessing the hospital without difficulties," she said.
Chieftainess Nyanje also appealed to the government to expedite fertiliser delivery for this farming season.

She said people in the area need farming inputs as early as possible.
Chieftainess Nyanje also warned her subjects against marrying off their children at a tender age.