THE new Zamtel board has been unveiled and is mainly a miscellany of former local mobile phone sector brains in the past few years.

And Zamtel has announced that it will continue to anchor its growth pattern on providing more promotional products which will include free intra-network calls from 20:00 hours to 06:00.

The new top team at Zamtel, which was nationalised last January include: chief executive officer, Dr Mupanga Mwanakatwe, a former technical director at Celtel; chief marketing officer Evans Muhanga, former

Airtel marketing director; Lho-Zindaba Sakala, the former marketing manager for Telecel Zambia (now MTN Zambia) is Zamtel's new chief sales and distribution manager, while former financial controller at Airtel

Sierra Leone, Nchimunya Hachandi, is the new chief financial officer for Zamtel.
The rest of the senior management includes Mooka Silumbu as chief human resources and administration officer, Sydney Mupeta as chief technical officer and Leya Ngoma as chief legal and regulatory officer.

And Muhanga, who until recently was Zambia Tourism Board marketing director, said the country's total telecommunications provider would, effective this evening, be offering its subscribers free calls as a way of enticing new customers.

He said the "real mahala" promotion would run alongside the current 6 to 6 promotion.
Muhanga described the promotion as a "market disrupting offer" to its competitors while "lucrative" to its subscribers.